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Sandra K.

Americas Lending Group is the best. They do so much more than what other real estate funding agencies do...

Cathy M.

I thought that having bad credit was going to ruin my chances of ever becoming a real estate investor but I was lucky to have found Americas Lending Group who helped me purchase my first fix and flip.

Ian Z.

Thanks to Americas Lending Group, I was able to purchase several multi-families with much ease, even though some of the cases were quite complex.

Girl with Micro Braids

Sarah P. 

Being a busy mom I'm often in a rush to close on a transaction, and when I need to make sure I have the financing I need, fast, I turn to Americas Lending Group. It's easy, it's online, it's reliable, it's priced right—it's the best partner I've found!

Mid Adult Smiling Woman

Jennifer M.

I’ve had nothing but an awesome experience. Americas Lending Group is very quick, thorough, and knowledgeable. The rates are fair and the team is amazing!

Headshot of Mid Adult Man

Patrick H.

Congratulations to Americas Lending Group for bringing this investment to a satisfactory conclusion under trying circumstances. A special “thank you” to Neil and his team for their reduction in fees, a true reflection of how much they care for their investors.

Portrait of Smiling Woman

Krystal H.

I love this team and what they do. Easiest flow of transactions every time. This has been my 4th time working with them. Thank you Americas Lending Group! 

Female Teacher

Marie N.

I worked with Neil to fund a flip for me. I had spoken to a handful of hard money lenders, and Neil and Americas Lending Group far exceeded the others in professionalism, knowledge, and responsiveness. He is also likable and trustworthy. These attributes are extremely hard to find in real estate investing. I will use Americas Lending Group for all of my hard money loans, no need to look any further!

Portrait of Young Man

Micheal L.

Neil and the whole Americas Lending Group team make closing deals easy. With the help of your team, I’m able to increase my annual income by over $100k a year. Thank you for making the process to easy.

Image by Jack Finnigan

Mike B.

I have invested with Americas Lending Group in multiple projects since the beginning of 2013. They have proven to be knowledgeable and professional in all my dealings with them.

Image by Luke Braswell

Lisa G.

Americas Lending Group's disciplined approach, keen eye for value and attention to detail places them at the top of my list.

Image by Angelina Litvin

Paul M

I have full confidence in their honesty and integrity, and I look forward to partnering with them again and again.

Image by Thea Hoyer

Nathalie P.

Americas Lending Group always provides the ideal combination of experience, expertise, common sense, tenacity, systems, and professionalism to satisfy most, if not, all of our requirements.

Image by Åsmund Gimre

Brice B.

I worked with Neil to fund several deals for me and will most certainly keep doing so in the future. He is easy to work with and I know that I trust him. Why go anywhere else if it works here?

Image by Sean Stratton

Karla M.

So far, we were so very pleased with Neil's financing of our real estate deals. The guy is a pro and definitely knows everything he needs to know about the business. He is trustworthy and competent.

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Image by Roberto Delgado Webb

Christopher S.

Trust me, after dealing with several investors over the last couple years, Americas Lending Group stands very TALL above the rest. In short, I count on Neil to be a top-notch funder, if not the best I have yet to come across.

Image by Caique Silva

Claire V.

I have been a real estate investor for over 15 years and I find Americas Lending Group to be extremely competent. During this year I have referred several friends to do business with them.

Image by Jurica Koletić

Ken M.

Americas Lending Group is the best! What else can I say? They have always done their best to work with me, no matter how complicated my case was...

Image by Antonino Visalli

Melanie C.

Americas Lending Group guided me through the process of making a sound financial decision more than once. They always took the time to make sure we understood every aspect of the transaction until we felt 100% comfortable.

Image by Pratik Gupta

Annette B.

In the investment world, and business in general, an individual’s or company’s character is of the utmost importance. It is due to this trust and faith plus the financial and deep track record that I hold Americas Lending Group in high regard.

Image by Tuce

Megane K.

I have personally worked with Americas Lending Group and have also referred a number of clients who, upon doing their own due diligence, have invested with them as well.

Image by Dominique Jordan

Bryan G.

Americas Lending Group's disciplined approach resonated with my high expectations, based upon my past years of investing in real estate, both as a lender and as an equity investor. To date, I have had no problems with them.

Image by Mikhail Rakityanskiy

Jack P.

We started our relationship with Neil, Americas Lending Group's C.E.O last year in 2015. We did so based on the counsel of a trusted real estate investment partner. Thus far, we have been very gratified by his advice and services. 

Image by Sean Stratton

Crissy D.

Neil and the whole Americas Lending Group team make closing deals easy. With the help of your team, I’m able to increase my annual income by over $100k a year. Thank you for making the process to easy.

Image by Jack Finnigan

Fabrice J.

Projected returns were attractive. Actual returns were even better. I appreciate the many insights shared in each quarterly report and look forward to our continued investments together.

Image by Olivia Snow

Alisha K.

Americas Lending Group is super understanding of our complicated cases, and communicates business details very effectively. Neil is very creative, helpful, loves what he does and has helped me a lot in my early years of investing.

Image by Derek Torsani

Paris K.

Being able to diversify our investments with the help of Americas Lending Group was a huge bonus, allowing us to invest much more in real estate without many headaches that we would have had otherwise. Thanks a lot Neil.

Image by 青 晨

Gary D.

Americas Lending Group was very resourceful. They were of much more help than I originally thought they would be. Definitely much better to work with than all of the real estate lenders I have tried to get a loan with.

Image by Mile Modic

Kevin H.

I cannot recommend Americas Lending Group enough. They are not only very patient and fast to act, but I can tell clearly that they are reliable, trustworthy and extremely competent.

Image by Taylor Harding

Ken D.

I do not know any better. So far, in all of my years of investing in real estate, I have never partnered with any other firm that made the process as pleasant as they did.

Image by chelsea ferenando

Amanda K.

Neil and his team are incredible! I love working with Americas Lending Group the most... I cannot recommend any better. I mean this. These guys are good.

Image by Jonnelle Yankovich

Sandrine R.

I owe a lot of my success in real estate investing to Americas Lending Group. They offered me help where most refused to look at my case. They took the time to understand the value of my complex investments and we made it work!

Image by Nathan Dumlao

Jake D.

Neil and the whole Americas Lending Group team made investing relatively easy. With the help of Neil's team, I was able to invest in more real estate than I had originally thought of. The thing with me is that I sometimes find odd solutions that not everybody can see the value in, but they understood my vision and worked with me.

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